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19 Garden Storage Ideas, Tips, Hacks, And Solutions You Need To Try

Outdoor storage isn’t exactly straightforward. Unlike a home that has closets, cabinets, and drawers to hide your unappealing possessions, a backyard is wide open, meaning you have to think outside the box to organize and store your stuff. But no… Continue Reading →

Stop Misuse of your Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bin Stores from My Garden Storage prevent misuse or theft of your wheelie bins Wheelie Bins are a great invention, but with some local councils considering extending the time between collections to 3 weeks, looking after them has never… Continue Reading →

Buying a used car: your complete guide

Our advice and tips on how to buy a second-hand car will help guide you to your dream second-hand motor Quality tips for buying a used car can be hard to come by, but if you follow our guide you… Continue Reading →

Here’s why you need your boiler serviced

It’s the middle of January, you’re grumpy and cold in your own house. It’s one of those days where it seems no amount of Yorkshire tea and not one woolly jumper can warm you up. Almost every homeowner has had… Continue Reading →

Boiler Replacement in Preston

We have over 25 years experience of replacing boiler in Preston. We cover Preston, Leyland, Blackpool, Lytham and surrounding areas. Please contact us if you want a competitive estimate for a replacement boiler. We are one of the leading Preston… Continue Reading →

How to get your boiler repaired or replaced for free

If your boiler needs repairing or replacing, you could have the work done for free or at a reduced cost, thanks to a number of schemes. When winter comes around, the last thing you want is your boiler packing up… Continue Reading →

Common Problems With Flat Roofs

Conventional flat roofs will leak over time. The problem is the materials used breakdown over time, from sun damage to water pooling, eroding and gradually breaking down the components of the rubber or plastic used. This will lead to damage… Continue Reading →

Is my boiler dangerous?

Are you worried your faulty boiler could be dangerous? Having a faulty boiler is no fun at the best of times, but when there’s a possibility of putting it your family at risk, you have every right to be concerned…. Continue Reading →

Unusual personalised wedding gift ideas

Your friends are getting married! But what to get them as a gift? We would recommend sourcing a gift that is completely unique and totally personal. You may be thinking what an impossible task you have ahead of you, however… Continue Reading →

Is it worth getting boilers on finance

Paying for large purchases on a monthly basis, such as your car or your mortgage has always been a sensible financial option. However, the latest trend is to treat the cost of your boiler in the same way. A lot… Continue Reading →

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