Conventional flat roofs will leak over time. The problem is the materials used breakdown over time, from sun damage to water pooling, eroding and gradually breaking down the components of the rubber or plastic used. This will lead to damage to timbers, ceiling, walls and your decor.
Traditional mineral felts were used to repair leaks or for construction of new flat roof builds, but felt has a short life span and poor quality felt was even worse as the lack of flexibility during weather changes leads to joint failures and cracking.

Flat roofs leak for several reasons; Bad workmanship, poorly designed roofs with inadequate outlets of drainage, pooling as the timbers sag, lack of maintenance leading to sun blistering and eventual splitting and the of course puncturing, walking on a flat roof to inspect the condition without putting on protective footwear. Also as the roof moves with the change in temperature and a building settle, the flashing will eventually wear and split leading to water getting under the felt and causing damage.

Today we can bring you a cost effective and durable solution to traditional felts.

With the advancement in technique plastics have changed and will now give a twenty or thirty year long-life span.

EPDM is a modern material short for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber.

The main properties of EPDM are that it can withstand tropical heat and weather. The resistance range from polar cold to intense heat. It is a modern flat roof replacement solution for repairing a leaking flat roof or to cover a new flat roof structure.

EPDM is a one piece covering so negating problems of seam failure. Fixing and adhesive is all that is needed to complete the flat roof transformation. Once secured the flat roof membrane is guaranteed to be durable, robust and waterproof. It can withstand temperature changes of 120°C to -54°C. Unaffected by UV rays and it is resistant to cracking or splitting. Its molecule structure allows for structural movement without causing any damage to the flat roof system.

EPDM is a cost effective flat roofing system. The EPDM rubber membrane has a life expectancy of over 40 years and is highly durable and provides some further surprising features, as well as excellent waterproofing, it reduces heating costs, further reducing your carbon footprint. It is suitable for most flat roof structures including garages, porches, extensions, dormers and of course flat roof houses.

Our complete service can include a survey on your flat roof for your insurance company, when you first purchase your home.

We install, repair and maintain all types of flat roof Systems.
We have extensive knowledge and experience in roofing and we install many types of flat roofs including traditional flat roofs and modern.

Why do our customers choose us?

Our customers are happy with our service because we have the experience and knowledge of 25 years in roof repair and maintenance. Our customers total satisfaction is really important to us, as the majority of our work comes from recommendations from satisfied customers. Our qualified sales teams will deal with your initial enquiry quickly and effectively. We will book a date for one of our engineers to come out and inspect your roof and discuss the recommendations for your roof. If you are looking for roof repair in Preston our engineer will happily provide you with a no-obligation quote.